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Gleematic AI Robotic Process Automation solution is a highly intelligent software that is able to take over the mandate repetitive tasks such as data importing, form filling, bulk printing, data extraction, accessing online portals and extracting information from web applications through automation. This automation system will save time, money and free up precious human resources for higher value add tasks.

Gleematic is a computer software that is available on new and legacy platforms, which creates virtual workers to complete task that the business needs. It mimics human’s interaction with any applications and processes the business has to complete. As any amount of virtual workers can be deployed at any time, it makes it ideal for repetitive and rule-based tasks which works 24-hours a day, everyday!

Target Industry

Gleematic solutions are able to meet the demands of various industries, such as:

  • Government Agencies
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Human Resource
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Banking

Gleematic Showcase

Gleematic Functions by Industries

Know-Your-Customer Processes

RPA does data-entry; A.I. helps to recognise logos/faces, improves accuracy of data-extraction


RPA manages/ completes activities in workflow; A.I. predicts who will get loans

AML Processes

RPA searches databases; A.I. helps to reduce “false hits”

Customer Service

RPA accesses CRM/ records enquiries; A.I. attempts to give answers to enquiries


RPA manages/ complete activities in workflow; A.I. detects potential fraud


RPA extracts info from feedback, A.I. helps to gauge customers’ sentiments

Customer Onboarding

RPA does data-entry; A.I. helps to recognize logos/faces, improves accuracy of data-extraction


RPA uses specific information to calculate risk; A.I. predicts risk-level based on history of multiple applicants

Policy Approvals

Robotic process automation (RPA) manages/completes activities for insurance company workflow; A.I. predicts approvals

Customer Service

RPA accesses enquiry emails; A.I. sorts through emails and categorises them according to your specifications

Claims Processing

RPA manages/completes activities in workflow; A.I. detects potential fraud


RPA extracts info from feedback, A.I. helps to gauge customers’ sentiments

Accounts Payables

RPA does data-entry; A.I. helps to recognize logos of payees, improves accuracy of data-extraction from docs

Accounts Receivables

RPA updates amounts received from customers; A.I. predicts risk of non-payment based on history

Trade Financing

RPA fills up digital applications for financing; A.I. suggests how to allocate financing for optimal results

Regulatory Reports

RPA updates data into government portals; A.I. detects urgent emails from regulators to provide data


RPA tallies Cash Book balance with Bank balance; A.I. enhances accuracy of reconciliation

Financial Forecasting

RPA fills in data based on inputs; A.I. (machine learning) predicts when revenue might increase/ dip

Onboarding Staff

RPA fills up digital data; A.I. enhances accuracy in extracting info from ID documents/ certs


RPA extracts data from time-clocking system to enter into payroll system; A.I. detects abnormalities


RPA searches for candidates on recruitment portals ; A.I. predicts which candidate can potentially perform well


RPA updates data into government portals; A.I. detects likelihood of approval of work permits


RPA tallies claims and enters into Finance systems; A.I. predicts fraudulent claims

Staff Feedback

RPA fills in data based on inputs; A.I. interprets staff satisfaction and likelihood of resignations

Crew Clearance

Robotic process automation (RPA) enters crew’s info for immigration; A.I. recognize faces on identity documents to ensure accuracy

Vessel’s Voyages

RPA informs government websites for arrivals/departures; A.I. predicts likelihood of lateness/punctuality

Reading SI Documents

RPA reads instructions from structured Shipping Instruction documents; A.I. makes sense of other semi-structured data

Preparation of Manifest/ Delivery Reports

RPA extracts data from multiple documents for preparation of shipping manifest/ logistics report; A.I. can analyse multiple documents to predict patterns


A.I. makes sense of data from crew’s certificates and classifies them; RPA enters these data into desired fields of government sites/portals

Gleematic Competitive Advantage

Easy Adoption – No Coding Required - Anyone Can Automate!

Powered by AI and Machine Learning

Fast Implementation

Only RPA solution that works on Linux & 32-bits Windows

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