Who we are

Inglo Enterprise helps global IT solution providers to develop new market, new niche segment through ecosystem partners and regional customer contacts


We automate the mundane, repetitive and low-value tasks so that you can focus on your core competence


Enable secure communication between devices to keep your data safe and protected


Turn your existing video information into critical insights to facilitate data driven decisions


Deep Learning Video Analytics

 High-performance and cost-effective video analytics solutions to capture everything you need to know, whether is it business insight or security

Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Objects

Recognise multiple object types within the same frame, human or inanimate objects.

High Accuracy of Object Detection and Recognition

Identify objects immediately by type, age, gender and many more options.

World's leading face recognition algorithm

Proprietary face recognition technology that puts it above in a class of its own.

Easily toggle options and set-up working environment through the dashboard

SDK is available for application development. We also provide turnkey customized solutions through application ecosystem partners.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Gleematic is a feature-rich robotic process automation enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (A.I) that could handle and complete the  mundane repetitive tasks that are traditionally done by white-collar workers.  Free up your employees to do more value-added work. Software robots are flexible, trainable and can work with any system – even legacy ones.

Powered by AI

AI coupled with Robotics Process Automation (RPA) will bring more system intelligence and deep learning capabilities that differentiates it from other RPA solutions

Scalable Beyond Headcount

Instant scalability of workers allows for better management of resources and faster throughput

Predictable, Consistent, Accurate

Be assured of the results at anytime and at any place.

Compatible with many platform

Our solutions work with many platforms including legacy computing systems



Trust Nothing. Authenticate Everything. That’s our mantra and it speaks to the power and importance of VIBE – new-age crypto for new age security problems.


Eliminates the set up and management challenges associated with certificate based solutions.

Authentication at the Application Layer

In an increasingly treacherous cyber-security landscape, VIBE authenticates the sender of a message, be it person or thing.

Key Exchange

VIBE is an asymmetric encryption and authentication scheme, that provides absolute security and the simplicity to share the secret keys with anyone.

End to End Solution

VIBE can be used with embedded private keys on devices and end-points, and/or with no requirement for secure local storage.

What We Provide

We add value to the solutions we represent, covering everything from A to Z so that you can have a peace of mind



Experienced consultants to identify business problem and identify requirements


Proof Of Concept

We provide live demoes and simple proof of concept based on the customer’s requirements


System Integration

Develop appropriate solution proposal and recommend application partner to assist with requirements


Project Development

Work out the final end-to-end turnkey solution and coordinate project development

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analytics and security to bring your business to the next performance level!


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Our Mission

Inglo Enterprise helps global IT solution providers to develop new market, new niche segment though our ecosystem partners and regional customer contacts.

We help vendors to create market awareness and generate new revenue through comprehensive ecosystem partners, System Integrator, Reseller partners, Application developer partners, Event and exhibitions.

Our History

We understand the pain of project coordination (for both vendor and customer) and therefore, developed the necessary ecosystem partner and system integrator to deliver the one-stop turnkey solutions

We have good knowledge on B2B business development process and understand country entry strategy and local dynamics in South East Asia (ASEAN region) and India.