Beedoo Cloud Computing

Be connected. Do more.
A better way for your team to store, share, communicate and collaborate securely.


Take control of the collaboration.

You choose who can collaborate and what they can do (review, edit, invite others etc). Files and messages stay secure within the container.

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Highly Integrated Platform

Messaging service  integrated with full cloud storage functionality with versioning, with synchronization to PC/Mac local disk. Files are organized in containers

Better Privacy & Control

You control who sees your data. BeeDoo does not collect or share any of your online information. Better, more granular control over the data you share with friends, colleagues or business partners.

Greater Accesibility

Accessible anywhere, anytime on any device. Unlike email, large files can easily be shared. Data is accessible through native iOs and Android apps, web apps and synchronization apps for local folder available on PCs and Macs.

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